About Us

Balaji Scientific was founded in June 2008, situated in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. We are trading chemicals , glassware, microscope, plastic ware scientific instrument , disposable laboratory accessories, all type acids salts and other general laboratory products. Balaji Scientific primary goal is to provide the highest customer satisfaction. Balaji Scientific plans to continue innovating to meet our customers needs. Balaji Scientific has a transparent working environment.

We are offering you a broad range of equipments and instruments and a big variety of laboratory chemicals.

Our Working Segements

  • bullet Food Industries
  • bullet Beverages Industries
  • bullet Pharmacutical Industries
  • bullet Automobile Industries
  • bullet Diagnostic Clinical Laboratories
  • bullet Dots Products(WHO)
  • bullet Dairy Products
  • bullet Food & Drug Laboratories
  • bullet Blood Bank Regents
  • bullet School, College, University Lab Setup
  • bullet Peper Industries
  • bullet Electronic & Electric Industries
  • bullet Soap Industries
  • bullet Garment Industries
  • bullet Construction Chemicals Industries
  • bullet Govt. Research Laboratory Products

Our Clients: